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Saturday, June 16, 2007

| The End : The Game |

This is the first 'alpha' release of the game created by me for a school project called "| The End : The Game |". The project is hosted @ You can download the source and binaries currently only for Win32 platform, but i am working on porting to Linux & Mac platforms (although it shouldn't be really complicated, and i'm on the half way of doin' it). The game actually is a Quake clone, but c'mon this is just an alpha release and i have some really nice ideas (but no time to make them work), so stay tuned...
If you have any question concerning the build process or just any question (including the meaning of life) you can contact me at

PS: sorry for the 'redirection' from sourceforge, but my site is not ready...

drop me a comment on what you think.

screenshots :